Improved modified choke for slugs


This is a conventional shotgun choke with about five thou of constriction. My 70's era Mossberg in a fixed modified choke actually shoots slugs better than the cylinder bore, sighted "slug barrel" that is with the combo. You can choose Super-full/extra-full, Skeet, improved cylinder, cylinder, full, modified. I am from Ohio and have been using shotguns for deer hunting ever since I was 16. Try them both to see which one patterns better for you. Rifled slugs are designed to be used in smooth barrels. You can pattern test your buckshot with different chokes. I would be willing to bet that your gun is a basic fixed full choke depending on age. A modified choke can work with these slugs, Ive heard of many people using Improved cylinder choke tubes because of them having the least tightest diameter and with the likely hood that the gun came with the choke tube, for 12 ga choke tubes it goes from the tightest to least tighest- Full, Imp. Thanks for the Improved cylinder is best for rifled slugs but any choke will do. My recommendation to you would be to go out and but a rifled slug barrel. The modified choke is a bit better, if you’re looking for the best chokes for over under trap. IC is typically around 10/1000 constriction in a 12 gauge. What choke do i use for slugs? i have a 12 gauge 870 and mossberg 500 20 gauge. The cylinder will have five notches on the end of the choke that will indicate it’s a cylinder. Some chokes may be more accurate than others. Those percentages represent the number of pellets in a 30-inch circle at 40 yards. My hunting shotgun has removable chokes, but I generally just leave the modified in the gun 100% of the time, and it does not shoot buck or slugs. Sabot slugs would in most cases provide the least accuracy as they are primarily designed to be shot through fully rifled shotgun barrels. For achieving the highest level of accuracy with slugs, I have found that using slugs that are the same size or slightly larger than the choke work best. Due to the fact telling it's unequalled understanding, transformed additionally now accommodated simply no more than alone. Hello, I would like to use a SGM screw on choke--Modified for mixed shooting Birdshot/ Buckshot/ Slugs. ost current shotgun barrels are threaded for screw–in choke tubes, making them truly versatile tools. Rifled chokes hardly do anything and won't stabilize saboted slugs. If you really want to shoot a few rifled slugs out of a modified choke, go ahead. Whether you are shooting clay pigeons at the range or hunting for pheasant out in the wilderness, it's important to have the ability to adjust the spray pattern of your shotgun. Modified choke. Just a thought though. There are also a variety of specialty chokes, such as Turkey, or Skeet. 5 inches smaller at 10 Slugs can safely be shot out of a modified or an improved cylinder choke. Our Choke Info Featherlite and SS Constrictions: U0 has most open pattern, U4 has tightest Ü0 – cylinder/ Skeet* (in your face, out to 28 yards) Ü1 – Skeet/Improved Cylinder* (out to 35 yards) Ü2 – Light Modified/Modified* (out to 50 yards) Ü3 – Modified/Improved Modified* (out to 65 yards) Ü4 – Full/Extra Full (beyond Improved cylinder: Less constricted than a modified choke, an improved-cylinder choke works in tandem with a full choke for a great upland-bird combination. All X-Full and Turkey constrictions are for use with Lead and Hevi-Shot ONLY! You can safely shoot standard slugs of either hollow-base or Brenneke design out of a fixed choke “Modified” barrel… If your barrel has interchangeable chokes, you can obtain an “Open Cylinder” choke more suitable for slugs for under $20… While less useful for all-around use than more open chokes, there are times when Improved Modified is a good choice. dd in the Numrich Gun Parts Forum. With about double the constriction provided by an Improved Cylinder choke tube, the Modified choke distributes about 60 percent of a shell’s total pellets within the same size circle and at the same range as the Improved Cylinder. THREE = MODIFIED. ) The "full" or "modified" choke tubes are preferred for buckshot loads. I am assuming that the breaching choke would be tighter than a full. A slug barrel is Cyl-Bor or Imp Cyl, good for buck-shot or slug, A Forster slug can be used in most choked shot guns. A Modified Choke is a choke that is 0. much less expensive as I recall than the sabot 260 gr bullets. Some of the newer slugs will be much more accurate with a rifled slug gun designed for this type of round. For slugs you will want improved cylinder, cylinder or maybe modified. it is capable of using lead. Rifled slugs also perform very well from this choke. Yes, and with sabots or rifled slugs, the more "open" the choke tube, the better the accuracy ("Improved Cylinder" recommended. A Full choke should keep 70% of the buckshot pellets on a 30" target at 40 yards. and if thats a screw in choke tube i have seen them blown out or swelled so bad They couldnt be removed with out destroying the tube and sometimes the barrel too . Get the best deal for Browning Briley Choke Tubes Shotgun Parts from the largest online selection at eBay. 2003 Wingmaster and I use improved cylinder for rifled slugs and also a fully rifled barrel for sabot slugs. I have never heard of people shooting slugs out of a threaded barrel without a choke threaded into it. Full Modified Improved Cylinder Not much more to say. Can keep the pellets together for a distance of 60 yards. I have a Remington 887 12 ga. Carlsons 19955, Mossberg M835/935 Flush Style Choke Tubes, 12 Gauge Improved Modified. Rifled shotgun slugs also work well with an Improved Cylinder choke tube. Finding that it took roughly 0. This will allow you to effectively use sabot slugs and may gain you a little something in the accuracy department. Grab a cylinder-bore choke and use that for slugs. You can find them here. There are notches on the top of each flush fitting choke tube, Rings if the choke tube is extended. There is improved modified choke is available with 25 percent more constriction. the fact is that the modified choke would work fine for rifled slugs and buckshot, but they would get deformed when leaving the barrel, almost eliminating accuracy passed 20-30 yards, a improved cylinder choke wouldn't deform the slug or buckshot as much and increase accuracy, cylinder bore would be the best overall. I did a bunch of research on this and kept finding guys who had good results with rifled slugs and modified chokes. If you can get paper plate accuracy at 50 yards, consider it good. By simply swapping chokes, shooters can use the same gun for a wide variety of shotgun sports. CARLSON'S Extended Steel Shot Choke Tubes and Sporting Clays Choke Tubes pattern better with steel shot and throw 10-15% denser patterns than flush mount choke tubes. The reason that the improved cilinder choke is recomended is because it is less restrictive than modified and the slug will retain it's original dimensions and therefore may be a bit [quote="jbird22"]Does anyone shoot an Improved Modified for doves? Man, I've used full choke in a 20 gauge Model 50 Winchester and could smoke em' at 35 to 40 yards pretty consistently with standard game loads, however, I've made shots like that with modified choke and also Imp/Cyl. Probably would not waste much money on the sabots developed for rifled barrels but I was surprised at how well Remington's Buckhammer shot in my 20 ga rifled barrel. Invector-DS choke tubes only fit Browning shotguns with Invector-DS marked on the barrel(s). 050 Super Full look ate the choke section here. If you choose anything from Improved Modified to Skeet, your decision would be a good one, but it depends on a lot of range. If I was to try either in that gun, I'd screw in the improved cylinder choke before doing so. High Flyer chokes are not recommended for use with Federal Black Cloud ammunition. The choke with holes in it is the full choke that came with early imported Saiga 410's. I’ve also never shot deer with 20 gauge slugs. As I understand it (I am not a choke expert), most slugs are safe for use with a Modified choke. The purpose of the choke is to improve the pattern of shot delivered when fired from the shotgun—primarily through achieving better range and pattern density. Besides these four main classifications of chokes, there is also what is known as a skeet choke, which falls between an improved cylinder and a modified choke. That's what the patterning told me to do. Stick with the 2 3/4" slugs. Improved Cylinder, as referred to correctly by black_dog. . As for the modified and improved modified chokes for example, they are used for targets 60 to 65 yards away. 710 Full = . 410 slugs. They can impart some spin to your slug to possibly enable you to shoot sabot slugs. cyl should be all you need. There is no benefit shooting steel through a choke tighter than modified, and we do not recommend doing so. Full choke throws a 75% pattern, modified throws a 67% pattern, improved cylinder a 57% pattern and cylinder 40%. So if I wanted to shoot rifled slugs with my 870 Express, I'm all set? Really? I thought I'd have to at least shuck out $20 for a full choke or something. The rifled choke is a must have for slug shooting. The Model 1100 Sporting 410 features a 27-inch vent rib, Rem™ Choke barrel for better balance and smooth handling in the quick paced world of clay target sports. On the short end, however, the pattern was at most 2. Having said that, I have an improved cylinder choked rifle sighted barrel on the 870. I heard that you should only shoot slugs out of an improved cylinder but I only have a modified choke. FIVE = CYLINDER (AKA: SKEET) carlson's improved modified remington 20 gauge shotgun choke tube barrel part here is a carlson choke tube for 20 ga rem barrels. If you want to use slugs and have great accuracy then you’ll use a cylinder, improved cylinder or rifled choke. 12 Gauge Slugs is a primary specialization and weapon modification in Battlefield: Bad Company 2, exclusive for shotguns. They are used but in great condition. These chokes allow different pattern densities for We will shoot several different buckshot loads through an Improved Cylinder Choke and Rifled barrels on shotguns are for shooting sabot slugs. I have tested Federal Truball slugs in my 870 with IC choke and grouped well at 50 Yd with a red dot; also the cheaper Rem Sluggers. Many hunters shoot modified chokes most of the time because of their versatility. The sluggers will shoot thru your modified choke just fine. You can get rifled choke tubes designed to spin the slug (to be used with sabot slugs), or you can just use a cylinder or improved cylinder tube (for rifled slugs). I now just shoot the Foster slugs with the smoothbore for 1/3 the cost of sabots. Modified will be  20 Jun 2012 I believe you can shoot them through a cylinder or improved cylinder choke. So imp. can i shoot rifled slugs with an improved modified choke is your source for Rebate Sale/Clearance at Gun Store parts and accessories. I mean NOBODY. Can I shoot slugs or buckshot through a "smoothbore" field barrel with Accu- Choke™ tubes? (500/505/535/9200/88/930 models). TWO = IMPROVED MODIFIED. 12 Gauge Pro-Factor Ported Choke Tube - Improved Cylinder Improved Modified 1 item; Improved Cylinder I wouldn't feed rifled slugs through an extra full choke or even a full choke, but that's just me. Improved Cylinder = . A Modified should keep 60% and a Improved choke should keep 50% on 30" at 40 yards. Briley is the BIGGEST and BEST shotgun choke tube manufacturer IN THE WORLD! Description: Remington Choke tubes are performance tuned for Remington shotguns Available in field and target constrictions for excellent patterning - Fully rifled tubes are manufactured for today's high performance sabot slugs Turkey tubes are constructed for maximum pattern density Note: These tubes do not fit Remington Models 1100 G3 12 gauge, Model 1100 Competition, Model 105 CTI or You can shoot slugs out of nearly any shotgun. I’m not an expert on using slugs in a full choke barrel because I have never done it. (Modified is tighter). Sabot slugs are faster and NEVER fire a shotgun with the choke out of it. These notches or rings will identify which choke tube is which. Modified is the tightest and as tight as I would ever go. It is very important that you use the correct ammunition through all of your firearms. An Improved cylinder or Modified choke will work fine for Foster slugs. The improved cylinder choke performs well with the rifle. Remington Shotgun Choke Tubes. This choke is most effective inside of 20-30 yards. ONE = FULL. THE DUCK STOPS HERE! High Flyer chokes are precision machined to high tolerance standards on computer controlled equipment. When I mean snug, I mean that I can use finger pressure to push the slug through the choke. Many types of choke are available for trap beginners. Singleplayer Edit. Most modern rifled slugs can go to modified without issue; IC is probably fine in your gun. Special rifled-bore slug guns will put a spin on pretty much anything fired from them, but perform best with slugs designed to take advantage of the rifling. BUT, ye do need to shoot a few. In other words is it going to harm ME, my gun, or anyone near me. win were the lowest rem second the federal at 10 inches. Rifled slugs work well with this one, too. Foster slugs are designed to compress to fit the bore, and are safe through a full choke. There is a handy little choke wrench that you use to unscrew the choke and screw in another one. Full chokes and improved modified chokes are not suited to steel shot. The old Gerry Blair guidlines from the days before choke tubes and xtra full chokes was 12ga 2 3/4" shells = 35-40 yards from a full choke and add 5 or 10 yards for 3" shells. Shop our vast selection and save! Pros can i shoot rifled slugs with an improved modified choke Aesthetically Pleasing, Easy To Install, Good Value, Safe, Tough The modified choke is also used for trap shooting. This choke is used often for dove hunting and is the preferred choke when using steel shot to hunt for ducks or geese. Improved Modified is another. Follow . I use a 870 special field i started out with a modified choke that came with the gun. cyl. In order of increasing construction, the common types are: Cylinder (no constriction), Improved Cylinder, Modified, Improved Modified, and Full. With the smoothbore /improved cyl, I can also use buckshot or small game shot if needed. I have used this type of choke during training and competitions and rifled chokes always improved my results, even when using cheap ammunition. There are also other chokes. My 870 with a 28 in barrel , modified choke and turkey sights also shoots slugs very well. Improved cylinder choke is one of the tops among the favorite chokes of the hunters to hunt upland birds to ground animals like goose, quail, pheasants and many more. steel, copper& hevi-shot. Browse your favorite brands affordable prices free shipping on many items. 99 In stock on October 10, 2019. Choose from a full selection of choke tubes for Browning Invector Plus Shotguns. They do make rifled choke tubes too. And remember OP, there are two choke constrictions that include the word "improved". It is important to point out that while rifled slugs are actually 12 ga that sabot slugs are usually only . Sabot slugs should only be shot through our fully-rifled slug barrels. However, they will fit out the hole so you don't need to worry about doing an Elmer Fudd on the barrel. If you shoot one without the choke in, your accuracy will suffer, and plastic from shot wads, or lead from a slug will build up in the threads. This choke is one most preferred by hunters because of its Modified choke: 30 to 40 yards Improved cylinder choke: up to 30 yards For actual deer hunting with buckshot: 00 & 000 buck, use modified choke 0 or #4 buck use full choke Turkey loads, use an extra full turkey choke, could try your full choke. We will shoot several different buckshot loads through an Improved Cylinder Choke and then through a Full Choke, and see what happens to the size of the patterns. There are also a few other chokes but I won't go into that. Our choke tubes are precision made with tight tolerances on state of the art CNC equipment. Please view my feedback. Best Answer: you can use modified choke, but it's preferred to use imp cyl to reduce deformation of the slug and hurting performance. Slugs, like the older style forester slugs are designed to shoot through any choke. Slugs can be used on every shotgun available, these being the T194, USAS-12 and SPAS-12. The choke set I got from EAA had a No3,No1,and a thread protector. I have found in my travels in life . Ideal for close-in small game shooting, upland bird hunting (such as quail, grouse and pheasant) as well as hunting waterfowl close over decoys. I started deer hunting with an Ithaca 37 with a modified choke. My gun came with a modified choke and I bought an improved cylinder for grouse. from U. Hey guys I'm interested in buying some good smooth bore slugs for deer hunting next season, and i was wondering if it's safe to shoot them out of a fixed modified choke and also what kind of slugs to buy. But, my Browning Auto 5 modified shoots very accurate out to 65 yards. Every choke we make is backed by a lifetime warranty and is made in the USA! Note: Interchanges with Winchester SX2, SX3, & SXP, New Supreme & 101 models, Browning Maxus, Gold Hunter, Silver, White Lightning. i have the pardner model single shot with the nickel receiver and 28" barrel with screw in choke. Don't fall for the 3" magnum slugs, they tend to be less accurate. all my 12gauages shoot slugs fine threw mod, and improved my 410 has a full choke and it shoots slugs pretty good too. You might also like to try the Brenneke slugs. Rifled barrel with special slugs enables you to shoot very accurately. They are . There is another special kind of choke, the specialty choke tube. With the 'right' slug load the IC should be good to go out to about 80 yds. 20 percent constriction. Remington Flush Choke Tube 12 Gauge Improved Cylinder 19155 Remington Flush Choke Tube 12 Kick's Industries Remington Choke 12 Ga Modified High Flyer Ported Best Choke for Trap Beginner 2019 : Buying Guide. Modified choke shot with steel will produce a Full pattern. Hmm I keep hearing that a rifled slug shot out of anything other than a fully rifled barrel can be up to 1ft off target. Because not all 12-gauge slugs from all ammomakers have the same diameter, in some cases Improved Cylinder or Modified chokes gave the best accuracy. Improved cylinder: Less constricted than a modified choke, an improved-cylinder choke works in tandem with a full choke for a great upland-bird combination. If you use the standard “Foster” slug, the one with rifled spirals on the sides, it ought to work through a full choke. It is also very difficult to choose the best type of choke without deciding at first where you will hunt and knowing the exact conditions of that place. Choke Tubes. In the 70s used slugs for deer hunting in down state NY where deer hunting because some chit I read seemed to indicate modified or improved cylinder  9 Oct 2012 I have a Remington 12-gauge pump shotgun, with a screw-in choke been that these slugs perform best with an Improved Cylinder choke. The first effective modern shotgun slug was introduced by Wilhelm Brenneke in 1898, and his design remains in use today. It works for me. If you decide to hit the dove field or turkey woods, it’ll come in handy there too. Slugs shot through a tighter tube can either crack it or blow it out the barrel Choke Tubes for Browning Invector Plus. Unlocked at Default (Shorty 12G) 110 Kills Flush mount, stainless steel tubes available for the many shotguns using the popular Win-Choke thread size and standard Remington. 005 Skeet . There is also an Improved Modified choke that is slightly tighter than Modified. Rifle Can I Shoot Rifled Slugs With An Improved Modified Choke is my personal favorite goods presented this 1 week. In addition, the same shotgun models have been fitted with different choke tube systems over the years. For steel waterowl ammo, use a choke designed for steel shot. Improved Cylinder Modified Full Extra Full. The chokes are easy to change in this shotgun. When slugs are fired in a standard, choked barrel, the slug is deformed by the choke as it exits. They are soft lead and are made to squeeze down so they pass thru safely ,even thru full choke guns. Years ago and underwhelmed. Given a good understanding of choke and Question: Is it safe to shoot a slug in a shotgun that has a screw-in choke? Answer: The answer depends on the choke tube that's screwed into the barrel. Slugs can safely be shot out of a modified or an improved cylinder choke. View as Grid List. The shot stays together longer, making the pattern denser and more useful at longer ranges. Full choke should put 70 percent of the shot in the circle, modified 60 percent, improved cylinder 45 percent. 50 and the plastic sabot sleeve around it is actually 12 ga. Cylinder and Improved Cylinder are acceptable for rifled slugs, as they have the least constriction. Our Sporting Clays Choke Tubes are made from 17-4 stainless and precision machined to produce a choke tube that patterns better than standard choke tubes. The most common types of choke tubes that come with modern shotguns are cylinder bore, skeet, improved cylinder, modified, improved modified and full. The "rifled" slug, used in smooth-bore shotguns, has rifling or ribs on the slug. I shoot 1 oz rifled slugs out of my 870 with an improved modified choke no problem, my 870 has a 28 inch barrel. It is not safe to shoot slugs through chokes tighter than those listed here. 015 Light Modified . While changing chokes is easy, deciding which choke to use can be difficult due to the wide array of choke choices out there. As a rule, and depending on the load used, Improved Modified will extend range by five to 10 yards over Modified with some loads and yet at closer ranges it is easier to hit with than Full choke. Most people find that… · The modified choke works best for pass shooting · The improved cylinder and cylinder chokes work well on decoying birds. You can get rifled choke tubes designed to spin the slug (to be used with sabot slugs), or you can just use a cylinder, improved cylinder or modified tube. What happens if I shoot slugs through a choke more restricting than modified? called "lyman" about their slug mould that makes a smooth foster hollow base slug 475gr. A “Cylinder Choke” will provide the best accuracy. Because modified chokes fall right in the middle of the choke tube spectrum, they are a good all-around choice for general hunting. 020-inch. The gun is still "choked" ie meaning it is modified, full or imp cylinder. This steel choke features a gold finish and is avaliable in 8 constrictions; Skeet, Modified, Light Modified, Improved Modified, Cylinder, Improved Cylinder, Full and Extra-Full to achieve the ideal target pattern for any 12 gauge shotgun using the Benelli Crio / Crio Plus choke tube series. Plan to use 3inch and 2/34 magnum 000,00,0 no1-4 buck shot, slugs, etc. As with any shotgun choke, it adds an . i thought nif i cut it down to 18. But the fully rifled barrel is $320 for the cantilever or $210 for the rifle sighted one. Here’s what Remington says: “If you are using a Foster style rifled slug like the Slugger Rifled Slugs, Slugger Managed- Improved Cylinder Remington Choke Tube, 12 gauge Specifications: - Short-range choke that delivers wider shot patterns for game within 35 yard range - Perfect for rabbit, quail, woodcock, and pheasant over dogs - Good choice for ducks and geese when used with steel shot - Puts 45-50% of pellets in 30" circle at 40 yards Remington Choke Tube 12 Improved Cylinder Remington Choke Tube, 12 gauge Specifications: - Short-range choke that delivers wider shot patterns for game within 35 yard range - Perfect for rabbit, quail, woodcock, and pheasant over dogs - Good choice for ducks and geese when used with steel shot - Puts 45-50% of pellets in 30" circle at 40 yards Remington Choke Tube 12 Also I have an abundant supply of riffled slugs I would like to shoot them with this shot gun and see how they preform what choke tubes should I use for slugs? So what should I do? Should I stick to light constriction such as improved and buy remington chokes or should I fork over the money and buy a few $50 chokes? While Modified Choke "popped" Poppers down at 30 and 35 yards, but wouldn’t drop the little 6” plate beyond 25 yards and the Whirly Gig was not always compliant at 25 yards. If anyone believes at this stage of the game that the marking on a factory choke tube actually means something, they couldn't be more wrong. The guy behind the counter said you can only shoot sabot slugs through the rifled choke tube. It can shorten the barrel life. The have another one called "Skeet" which is a little bigger. 725 Light Modified = . A modern shotgun slug is a heavy projectile made of lead, copper, or other material and fired As firearms became specialized and differentiated, shotguns were still able to fire . I actually believe these are not the best way to go, however. These chokes are recommended for slugs: 4 notches = Improved cylinder 5 notches = Cylinder. Modified. I have a shotgun with fixed improved cylinder choke barrel. You might have to try several makes of rifled slugs to find the most accurate. BUT, with IC and Buck IF you use a maximum range of 40 yds, you should do pretty good. Obviously, that one is slightly tighter than this one. The modified choke is between these and is good for all general hunting. thanks Granted, spread will be minimal with buckshot in the home. If that is the case, I would avoid it. Perhaps the biggest risk with chokes is that they become a crutch. Ok, so I think I might be set. 013″ and therefore may be used with rifled slugs; however, accuracy may be compromised. The second choice would be an Improved Cylinder or Modified choke Tube. Trap Shooters Forum. A similar thread on the other board brought a response from Mcb, who has done some extensive testing with . improved modified title says it pretty much can i shoot large steel shot like bb,bbb,T shot and soft foster slugs and buck shot out of If you are shooting a smooth bore barrel, shoot rifled slugs through the cylinder choke tube. So is the shot pattern. my stock is synthetic if i cut it down no place for a pad. In my Browning Gold, the S&B Brenneke style slugs snugly fit through my modified choke. The “full” or “modified” choke tubes are preferred for buckshot loads. The common Foster-type slug will pass safely through even a full choke-- that's how it was designed --but commonly you will see better performance with slugs and buckshot in the Improved rather than more open or tighter chokes. Even the advice about using a specific constriction choke is of little help. I’ve used a Modified choke for waterfowl, pheasants, and even turkeys. Our “Improved Choke” tubes have a constriction of . So, medium distance with the decent spreading of pellets and better accuracy is the output of a modified choke. I have the Winchester screw in WinChoke installed. 020″ or more can result in damage to the barrel. What I've read over the years is that the improved cylinder choke is the preferred choice for slug accuracy especially when shooting Foster type slugs. 045 Extra Full . and I need to know if I can shoot a slug out of the modified choke SAFELY. Deer and Hog Hunting Deer and Hog Hunting With Shotguns When using shotguns for deer or hog hunting we have two choices, either buckshot or slugs. Four Common Shotgun Chokes – Full choke, Modified choke, Improved cylinder and Cylinder bore. The slight rifling on the slug and the size of the choke in modified seems to be an optimum combination for that gun. S. It is very important to understand that there are three different choke tube systems from Browning that have been produced over the years. Do not fire any load without a choke tube installed, doing so will damage the internal choke tube threads. not installed properly or B. We offer extensive selections of tubes in each system to provide you with optimal patterns. 035 Full . Choose from dozens of choke tube designs from Hevi-Shot®, Patternmaster®, Primos®, Carlson’s Choke Tubes® and other leading brands. 37% avg standard and . Slugs, buckshot and steel shot loads are not recommended for use with an extra full “turkey tube” installed, due to the tube’s tight constriction. Browning Midas Grade Extended Choke Tubes Invector Plus. Improved Modified did the same with the Popper at 35, but still could not drop the 6” plate past 25. An example would be an improved cylinder choke will perform like a modified choke when shooting steel or tungsten shells. Improved cylinder vs modified choke? I want one for self defense. If there are any questions, consult a qualified expert before firing any firearm. The best information on this type of topic is going to be from a major choke manufacturer since it is in their best interest to tell the user how to use their product safely and to avoid liability. big 1 oz slugs thru a full choke leads to split or bulged barrel's . I have taken many deers over the years with this gun. They also make rifled choke tubes for shooting SABOT's 20 Gauge Shotgun Modified Choke For Rifled Slugs will be my personal favorite products introduced the foregoing 7 days. Weatherby recommends slugs only be fired using a non-ported cylinder II, Improved Modified. Finally, you have the full choke, which has the tightest constriction and a pattern density of 70% or higher at 40-yards. At most any self-defense distance it really does not matter, because the pattern will not really open up that much for the first 15 or so yards. Shop our vast selection and save! Pros can i shoot rifled slugs with an improved modified choke Aesthetically Pleasing, Easy To Install, Good Value, Safe, Tough I grew up in a eastern Virginia county where all we could use is buckshot (slugs are illegal) and I have cleanly killed hundreds of deer with it. Improved Cylinder is the best one out of what you already have. Shotgun chokes used for slugs are usually Cylinder or Imroved  Right now I have a modified choke in my gun. and i thought to myself. Additionally, you can purchase a rifled choke, which will allow you to shoot sabot slugs (at what level of accuracy, I am not sure). Comparing the chokes that came with my Mossberg 535. it's ok on the fly or when hunting multiple species, like hunting small and big game at the same time, but if you're exclusively using it for shooting slugs, get a imp cyl choke tube from Mossberg for like $10-$15. There are generally four choke types that people use in their shotguns: full choke, modified choke, improved cylinder and cylinder bore. If you have a shotgun with fixed full choke you can safely shot rifled slugs through it. These Shotgun Chokes crafted by Browning extend beyond the barrel of your shotgun which allows you to easily remove, install or replace your choke selection on-the-go, with no wrench required. FOUR = IMPROVED CYLINDER. First hit on google was the Benelli forums, and they say either a rifled choke (for unrifled slugs only!) or an improved cylinder bore will work. 010 Improved Cylinder. Stick to IC. You can shoot the foster slugs through any choke up to and including a full choke. Some say up to a full choke, but nothing smaller. My HD shotgun is an 870 20in rem choke barrel with a modified tube in it. NO! Do not shoot any kind of slugs through a full choke barrel. The size of groups were reduced by 50% with standard slugger slugs. Remington suggests an improved cylinder choke for foster type slugs, and there are some who believe you will "iron out" your choke if you shoot them through a tighter choke. My defensive shotgun is cylinder bore, and I don't sweat shooting any type of slugs out of it. The Slugs that I use are Win Ranger 1oz Low Recoilwhich work 100% in my S12. 5 Jul 2019 Read on for a primer on shotgun shells, slugs, and chokes. produced steel. Is it SAFE. The instructions that came with my new shotgun with interchangeable choke tubes recommends not using a choke any tighter than Improved Cylinder for slugs, so that's the rule I follow. IM is typically around 25/1000 constriction in a 12 gauge, and not recommended for slugs. Stationary steel and flying clays are no match for this Power Tool with the right load and choke. Re: proper choke for slugs. DO NOT shoot rifled slugs through a rifled choke or barrel because you will get horrible accuracy and you will HATE cleaning the leading in the rifle grooves. If too loose, try the Full choke, if too tight, maybe look at improved modified. And you should not shoot slugs through tight chokes. IMPROVED CYLINDER CHOKE Even less constriction than modified (approximately 50% of a shell's total pellets in a 30" circle at 40 yards). All the advice about "Oh, just use a modified, or just use a full choke" is absurd. modified or improved cylinder for trap, skeet choke vs improved cylinder. This will require a trip to a gunsmith with a proper thread tap to clean out the plastic/lead. Sabot slugs are designed to be used in rifled barrels or in smooth barrels with a rifled choke tube. 870 came witha modified choke and mossberg came with a accu choke. inquired about the choke that should be used with this slug. A few words about slug types are in order. 020 Modified . I have tried it with a rifled choke and sabot slugs and an improved cylinder choke with Foster slugs. Today we offer three systems: 1) the legacy Standard Invector, 2) the time-proven Invector-Plus system, and 3) the extreme-performing new Invector-DS system. Tighter then modified, more open then full. Choke Tube Markings Last Updated on Sat, 12 Oct 2019 | Charles Daly Semi Auto Your internal interchangeable choke tubes are marked with notches at the end of the tubes to indicate the choke type for that particular tube. Waterfowl Shotgun Choke Tubes Waterfowlers Should Know Shotgun Choke Tubes Waterfowlers Should Know There's a wide world of waterfowl-specific choke tubes out there beyond improved cylinder, modified and full. Remington offers choke tubes that come in various styles and gauges. Chokes can either be flush, or extended. Would it hurt my gun if I Can you fire a slug from a shotgun with a modified choke? 2,193 Views. I bought a cylinder sized choke for my Mossberg 500 for when I load slugs. The key is to try many different brands and types for your individual gun. They will be answered promptly. However if you want to shoot slugs as a defensive load for out to distance you would need a Cylinder choke which will not constrict the buckshot loads at all. The purpose of the choke is to improve the pattern of  7 Mar 2014 It improves the ADS accuracy, significantly more than either no attachment, or the Modified Choke. joseph angelo from lyman stated nothing tighter than improved cylinder for this slug. When it comes to shooting shotgun slugs through choke tubes, the answer depends on the choke tube that's screwed into the barrel. So he bought a box of Hornady American Whitetail and a box of Remington Premier Accutip sabot slugs. Modified shotgun chokes split the difference. I've been getting 4" groups at 50 yds with Winchester 2 1/2" slugs through a full choke in my mossberg 183. Improved Cylinder Choke Tube for Trap. I use those on deer and after I tag out on controlled deer or elk. It is not recommended to shoot slugs through a modified choke. So according to it the No1 is a modified choke. Modified – A good all-around choke. It delivered all nine pellets in the kill zone out to about 34 yards. Due to the fact stimulating their unequalled understanding, improved also now accommodated not any in excess of by yourself. Slugs are usually best shot with no tighter than a modified choke and accuracy may very with different constrictions. While it may still be possible to shoot slugs from the gun, it is not recommended for the long-term health of the choke. I have an older 500 that came with a 28" fixed choke vent rib barrel in modified choke. I use the modified on my 12 ga Winchester 1300 for many years with Winchester slugs. A fixed choke just means the gun is not threaded for a removeable choke. Browse improved+cylinder+or+modified+choke+for+slugs on sale, by desired features, or by customer ratings. Here is a pic of the chokes. Sounds like you did your homework, and the accuracy you're getting sounds very reasonable. Seen first hand the aftermath of slugs in both Full barrel and with screw in chokes. CB The Browning Invector Midas Grade Extended Choke Tube is a true "gold standard" in shotgun enhancements. To the OP. Forums > Trap Shooting Forums > Uncategorized Threads > I wouldn't even consider slugs in anything tighter than a Modified. We have found the best accuracy when using rifled slugs in a cylinder or modified choke. just unscrew the modified or improved-cylinder choke, and screw in a skeet or cylinder GET THE MOST OUT OF YOUR SHOJGUN AM WITH THE RIGK:wKOKE AND LftAD COMBINATION The 3-Gun shotgun is a versatile beast. Buckshot New for 2016 We are introducing our new Boar Blaster™ choke tube at the 2016 SHOT Show. Shop our vast selection and save! Pros can i shoot rifled slugs with an improved modified choke Aesthetically Pleasing, Easy To Install, Good Value, Safe, Tough Slugs can safely be shot out of a modified or an improved cylinder choke. These tubes can be used with magnum and steel shot loads. so bad juju to shoot slugs out of anything other then cyl or improved cyl bore . With the duffer’s gun, I once accounted for 18 average pheasants for 17 shots. It makes a good choice for an all-around shotgun choke. No one is giving me a straight answer on this one. We produce the choke tubes in our factory in Whigham Ga. Do not use choke values 1-2-3 with slugs , single projectiles. The say to shoot thru an improved cylinder because that is what their lawyers told them to do. Either a modified or full choke works fine. actually if he blew out a choke it was either A. Another choke occasionally seen is improved modified, which provides a constriction somewhere between modified and full chokes. Any choke with constriction of . 3 notches = Modified 4 notches = Improved cylinder 5 notches = Cylinder. I sawed off the barrel on a rib support that was just past the 18" mark to make it a true cylinder bore, mounted a sideplate and a scope on it and I really like how it shoots. This lot contains 3 Benelli Choke Tubes with Wrench. Yes you can shoot slugs through a modified choked shotgun. You really aren't going to reach out that far with a rifled slug anyway with great accuracy, so a mod or imp. Barrel swelled and split and the choke tube was rip'd from the gun. it is marked im. 735 Just a reminder, as far as common types of chokes go, cylinder is the largest in that it offers the biggest opening for the projectile, improved cylinder is slightly narrower, then modified, improved modified and full. The degree of deformation is most acute with fuller chokes, which were among the most widely used in stock shotguns up until about 1990. And of course with sabot slugs you want to go with either a rifled choke or fully rifled bbl. Yes, and with sabots or rifled  Most shotguns today utilize screw-in choke tubes to change the constriction at the muzzle end of the barrel. Regards, Rich The second shotgun choke that worked really well in the field – in that it was effective and forgiving in use – was a standard Beretta Improved Cylinder Mobilchoke tube. Here is the certificate that came with the choke set. To do this, shoot off a rest at a center mark in a 30-inch circle at 40 yards. For those shells, you will need our Vortex choke tube. Is it SAFE to shoot a slug through a modified choke, and an improved cylinder choke. Turkey choke is too tight for slugs. com. A cylinder choke is recommended for shooting rifled slugs in a smooth-bore barrel. Do not use full,improved modified and modified (marked 1-2-3 cuts ) with slugs, single bullets or single projectiles. However I bet if you shot some of the new improved slugs might find a winner. What would be the effective range to kill a deer? 40 yards? I would prefer to hunt with my rifle, but a lot of areas are shotgun only now. if you're slug hunting exclusively, I would What choke? If you have a threaded barrel (internal) then you shouldn't be shooting slugs without something in there. IMHO, Improved Cylinder choke is about the optimum for use while shooting slugs. if it deforms the slug then what about the choke? So I measured my bore, shot a slug through a choked barrel, and then measured it again. (Modified, Full, and Improved) They did tell me that typically people don't use full chokes with slugs. I have no experience shooting saboted slugs through a rifled choke tube, however, I have a lot of experience shooting a sabot through a rifled barrel. He bought the rifled choke tube to improve accuracy. No way would I use it for hunting. In that instance, a choke isn’t strictly speaking necessary. With steel shot, it patterns like a full choke with lead, for the ultimate long-range goose choke. on rifled slugs off the bore of the choke. If this is not possible, try the improved cylinder choke. Modified Choke: This is the mid-range choke, containing more constriction than the improved cylinder choke. 695 Modified = Versatile Choke that delivers wider shot pattern for shooting at 25-45 yards Improved Cylinder = Short-range choke that delivers wider shot patterns for game within 35 yard Rifle Modified Choke For Rifled Slugs is usually the most popular goods introduced the foregoing full week. I assume that you’ll be shooting a Foster-style slug—one that has rifling. Of the many technological developments intended to Start by obtaining choke tubes indicated for the type shooting you do and pattern them with your favorite load. These choke tubes feature a 25% larger parallel section in the choke thus throwing more consistent patterns than conventional choke tubes. It has a less narrow space inside than a modified one. However, you can damage a full choke with repeated slug use. 020 inches smaller in diameter than the bore of the shotgun barrel, tightening the shot and improving accuracy at moderate ranges. With this option, you can expect a 50-55% pattern density, offering much better results than the improved choke. In the LE field, which uses deer slugs quite a bit, they usually run 870's with a fixed modified choke, though I've seen some improved cylinder as well. ? These chokes are recommended for slugs: 4 notches = Improved cylinder 5 notches =  6 May 2012 The four main chokes include cylinder, improved cylinder, modified, and full. Slugs, buckshot and steel shot loads are not recommended for use with an extra full "turkey tube" installed, due to the tube's tight constriction. 720 Modified = . 12 i tried cylinder and improved cylinder and 3 slug types winchester remington and federal. The ribs also deform through the choke more readily than a solid slug would, thus reducing pressure and wear on the choke to safe levels. Items 1-24 of 44. Most shotgun slugs are designed to be fired through a cylinder bore or improved cylinder choke, rifled choke tubes, or fully rifled bores. Don't go any tighter than the improved cylinder. It works well on clays from 30 to 45 yards or so and can handle most of the flushing game birds. 705 Extra-Full = . For example, if you consistently missed the #3 station on skeet with a skeet choke, moving to a wider cylinder choke probably won’t help. Each system is found on The choke of the barrel, colored red, is located at the other end of the barrel. ic chokes can perform ok but i like to use the modified choke tubes. WARNING!!! Never shoot steel shot with a full or improved modified cylinder or skeet chokes (marked 3-4-5 cuts respectively). 595 which means it is supposed to give an improved modified pattern. Since slugs are so expensive to shoot, it's a bit tough to just buy up some to find wha' ye shotgun shoots best. I have switched too a rifled choke tube. I would not shoot them through an extra full turkey type tube. You should not shoot slugs—or any other shot—through your barrel without a choke in place, since there is a very real possibility that you will damage the threading. Factory Remington 12 Gauge ProBore Choke Tube Extended Improved Cylinder $19. Some manufacturers offer several different styles of skeet chokes, sometimes referred to as #1 and #2 skeet, with different constrictions. NEVER SHOOT A SLUG THROUGH ANYTHING TIGHTER THAN AN IMPROVED CYLINDER SCREW IN CHOKE. I don't believe that to be true, but still follow Remington's recommendation and shoot slugs through improved and open cylinders. You should also  13 Dec 2014 It is marked MOD, so there is a Modified choke built into the barrel. The importance of recognizing choke markings is so you’ll know what range and accuracy to expect from your shots. The Winchester Super X-2 has a Briley extended full choke tube in it for most critters that fly outside. Due to the fact motivating it's unrivaled understanding, modified likewise currently accommodated zero greater than by yourself. Maximize your chances for hunting success with high performance shotgun choke tubes from DICK’S Sporting Goods. A Modified choke is tighter than an Improved cylinder choke. Tru™-Choke Thinwall tubes are recommended for 2¾" Lead Shot loads ONLY. 93 Beretta Choke tubes identification suggestions How can I identify which screw in choke tubes I should use in my Beretta shotgun, Mobilechoke, Optima-Choke, Optima-Choke Plus, or Optima-Choke HP? What choke tube sets typically come with a field gun or competition gun and how can I tell what the constriction or choke of each tube is? A modified choke should put 60% of its pellets in the circle. 030 Light Full . I use the extra full choke for turkey loads and the modified for buck shot and coyote loads. Rifled slugs usually perform well with this choke. Slugs, rifled slugs, and sabots can be used in our Rifled Choke Tubes. Mose boxes of rifled slugs recommended a choke, usually a improved cylinder. My barrel is just a bird barrel with the modified choke tube that came with it. 025 Improved Modified . The sabots i tested did not have that much of a difference in pattern and the cost was a lot more. is a big spread of the shot pattern, and full choke is a much smaller spread of the shot pattern. The point of the lesson was supposed to be that even an open choke like Improved Cylinder can break targets that are very far away, and that therefore, IC is all the choke you ever need. Distant targets can be bested with slugs. However they could safely be fired in a smooth bore modified choke gun - just may not be that accurate - again test on paper to see how your gun shoots these slugs. Please ask any questions before bidding. Rifled barrel and Accutip slugs. I did this for 8 shots standard slugs and 8 shots rifled slugs. Yes and no. I would go get a cylinder bore or Improved Cylinder tube if you want to shoot slugs. This is popular for clay target shooting enthusiasts as it allows the shooter to shoot clay both at closer and slightly farther ranges between 20-30 yards. A rifled choke tube can and does help with slug accuracy but will destroy buckshot patterns. Other key points to Carlson's offers a full line of flush mount chokes in 12ga and 20ga for most shotguns. This item: Numrich Gun Parts Corp. I have much the same results as post #9 above. Make sure it is fully tightened. This makes no sense. You can accomplish this by altering the choke tube. 700 constriction. Trulock offers as stock items the largest range of choke designs to fit shotguns of almost all brands. 410 bore autoloader comes equipped with standard twin bead sights, and four interchangeable Rem™ Choke tubes in Skeet, Improved Cylinder, Modified, and Full. I use Improved Cylinder when shooting rifled slugs. . View this discussion about Is a Modified choke too tight to shoot slugs in? 12 guage. So now I keep the Improved Cylinder choke tube screwed in for slugs and shoot Federal Flite Control #00 Buck to tighten the patterns. i use to use a mossberg 500c 20ga and it handled slugs mighty fine. Depending on the stage if its a birdshot and slug stage I use a Skeet, Improved Cylinder and or Light Modified extended choke tubes made by Briley. rifled slugs might be able to pass through a modified choke, and apparently have as other forum members have shot 1000's of slugs through their m4 modified chokes. An IC choke is perfect for foster type slugs, it will be more accurate than a cylinder bore. I have a ca. The next size smaller would be the improved cylinder, then modified, then improved modified, then full choke. Battlefield 4 Modified Choke Feature Moderately tightens pellet spread while ADS. Your gonna pretty easlily take 10 yards off that for modified choke. Sold by Hunting_Stuff and ships from Amazon Fulfillment. Improved Modified – A perfect choke for those in-between situations. Don't trust your Beretta shotgun to anything less than the best - Beretta choke tubes are specifically made to work with your shotgun, with matched threading Carlson's 20 Gauge Remington Flush Mount Choke Tube Improved Modified 17-4 Stain Carlson's 20 Gauge Remington Flush Mount Choke Tub Our Low Price $17. Browning Midas Grade Extended Choke tubes, Spreader, Cylinder, Full, Improved Cylinder, Improved Modified, Light Modified, Modified, Skeet, Extra Full and Trap, In 12 Ga, and 20 Ga Most non-toxic shot shells produce higher chamber pressures than lead shot and can severely damage these older shotguns and as a rule of thumb, use a more open choke than you would for lead shells. A Modified choke, the next tightest, will provide a bore reduction of 0. I don't care if they will be accurate or not. As it goes towards full choke, the barrel is "choked" down more and more. The cheap foster sytle slugs will work fine. The Europeans, just to be different, have a system of using asterisks or punch marks, starting with * for full choke, ** for ¾, *** for ½, **** for ¼ and CL for cylinder. These are the common one used with shotgun and rifle. Improved Cylinder question - posted in Shotguns: Can you shoot double-00 buckshot out of an improved cylinder choke? Triple 00? (I am not a shotgun guy, so need to ask). I have even killed a few deer with a bird gun with a 26" improved cylinder barrel while quail hunting. Buy products such as Undertaker High Density Choke Tube, Hunters Specialties, Multiple Options Available at Walmart and save. Improved cylinder, cylinder bore, in that order. This . The article was originally published on July 11, 2012 as “Do Rifled Choke Tubes Improve Slug Accuracy?” and has been edited for content. 000 Cylinder . Slugs differ from round-ball lead projectiles in that they are stabilized in some manner. It shot Winchester rifled slugs the best. Rifled Deer Tube (for shooting slugs, primarily sabots). 715 Improved Modified = . to tight of a choke tube. _____ Slugs can safely be shot out of a modified or an improved cylinder choke. Choke sizes can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and some may have other chokes sizes such as extra full for even longer range patterns. You can shoot slugs through a full choke but will lose accuracy and may get some leading but you won't hurt your shotgun. 46% avg. I usually wait until I have a bunch of stuff before I start selling which is why I havent sold in a bit. If I had an IC barrel for the H&R, I think that's what I would use for slugs and general purpose, preserving the extra full choke for the gobblers or long range game birds. In the past he has been shooting rifled slugs down a smooth bore barrel. It replaces the standard multiple-projectile short-range buckshot ammunition with single-projectile long-range slugs. Browning has been a leader in interchangeable choke tubes systems since the 1980s. They constrict pellets somewhat for decent long-range shooting, but still provide a fairly large pattern for close-range shots. I’ve always used cylinder bore or up to improved cylinder. It has also proven to shoot well with other brands of shotgun ammunition as well. I have a 20 gauge 870 pump that just slings'em all over with screw in improved cylinder choke. What is the differences in chokes out a 14'' barrel. IC is also OK for brenneke slugs. Trulock’s has a quality control program that is second to none. For rifled slugs, the best is either an open choke or improved cylinder. (The Improved cylinder works for close birds, the full for those that get up farther away). Modern and older slugs designed for smoothbore shotguns will work in any choke, including full. The conventional wisdom has long been that these slugs perform best with an Improved Cylinder choke. as for what the military when i was in the There are six main types of shotgun choke tubes: Cylinder, Skeet, Improved Cylinder, Modified, Improved Modified, and Full. YES as a gun dealer for over 8 years I have been ask this question many times and the improved choke barrel is ok for slugs but never in a modified choke or full choke barrel as the slug in the The Official Carlson's Choke Tubes web site - if you are looking for the superior quality choke tubes and shotgun magazine extensions to help you perform in the field and on the range - check out our web site for a complete line of Carlson's Shotgun Choke Tubes and accessories. I was wondering if I could shoot slugs through it, and if so what kind, rifled, sabot? slugs, the more "open" the choke tube, the better the accuracy ("Improved Cylinder" The "full" or "modified" choke tubes are preferred for buckshot loads. That said, I, too, have stood paralyzed before a hunt, choke tube wrench in my hand, trying to decide if Modified or Improved Modified is the perfect choke for that day, even though the difference The Americans came up with their own system, with the designations: full, improved modified, modified, improved cylinder and cylinder. This choke type is popular in Top Quality Choke Tubes For Turkey, Waterfowl & More. Nothing bad has happened using the Light Modified choke, actually the gun shoots the slugs most accurately using the LM choke. Yes, there is a choke called modified. It is not as good as a Full Choke would be to make Buckshot group in the smallest group possible. They are not interchangeable. And an improved cylinder should give you 50%. My shotgun is a double barreled stoeger coach gun with removable chokes. The transition area between the choke and the bore is called the tapered or the conical part (teal) of the choke; this area provides us with the transition geometry between the shotgun choke and the bore of the shotgun. Modified choke has moderate constriction. Weatherby recommends slugs only be fired using a non-ported I was taught that the most restrictive choke to use with slugs is a modified choke. I get almost the same accuracy out to 75 yards with each. Shop for Gun Choke Tubes in Firearm Components. I've shot slugs through both modified and improved cylinder in my 12 gauge pump, but I think I would stay away from the full choke. however full chokes tend to hinder These are not the only chokes made for a 20 gauge. Would you like to be alerted when the item becomes available again? Please enter your email address and quantity below and we will send you an alert when the item becomes available. 5 that it might help. My Ithaca Deerslayer barrels are choked IC and shoot shot very well and slugs to 100 yards. Saboted slugs need a rifled barrel. However, a Modified or Improved Modified choke (basically the best all arounders with a medium constriction) will hardly hurt. Improved Cylinder Lead = Modified Cylinder Steel Modified Lead = Full Steel. Do not use choke 1 or 2 with steel shot. Patternmaster Black Cloud MODIFIED Choke is a constriction choke that is compatible with the Black Cloud Ammunition or any ammunition with a "Flight Control" wad. improved modified choke for slugs

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